Stevie and Lloyds Bank Business Awards: The Elite of the Best

Business awards have existed in every corner of the world for many decades. There are thousands of stories of small entrepreneurs who started with a small dream, from a particular location, and ended up being great entrepreneurs who moved countries and continents through their products and services. Many business awards recognize this trajectory, and two of the most important awards in the world for this sector are the Stevie Awards and the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards.

Stevie Awards for the Whole World

The world’s greatest entrepreneurs have awards to recognize them. The Stevie Awards are the largest international business awards. The advantage of these awards is that they are not a single competition but eight different awards. Five of the awards are classified based on geographical location (International, United States, Germany, Asia-Pacific, and Midwest) and three others are classified by the type of entrepreneur: Great Employers, Sales & Customer Service, and Women in Business.

Especially in its international categories, the Stevie Awards have stood out as one of the top awards worldwide for its scope in rewarding stories from different countries, and for having a prepared team of judges. Recently, Cisco Systems took the award for the best organization. Other companies such as Crocs or Target have been awarded, along with small business entrepreneurs from around the world.

Lloyds Bank National Business Awards from London

The UK has some national business awards, but these are extremely important on a global level. The Lloyds Bank National Business Awards have at least 17 categories to reward the best entrepreneurs in the UK.

These awards have established themselves as one of the best references for national awards worldwide and have seen innovative British initiatives succeed at a global level. One of the winners was Sara Davis, an entrepreneur from the world of television and the current host of the TV show Dragons’ Den.