MICE Industry: the Best Organization for Events

MICE means Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions. The MICE industry is in charge of the organization of all types of conventions and events worldwide, regardless of the topic. Major trade fairs, conventions, and meetings are held all over the world, motivated by the work of the MICE industry. Also involved in this industry is MICE tourism, which handles air tickets and accommodation for all the people who need to travel to the events.

However, despite the consolidation of the MICE industry and its experts, there are still many people who organize themselves without having the proper preparation and training. This has negative consequences on the organization of the event.

Why Do You Need the MICE Industry?

Planning a great event or conference is not an easy task. There are experts in the MICE industry who can plan an event from the beginning to the end. The characteristics of large events are very particular and require particular attention and not improvisation.

Challenges of the MICE Industry in the COVID-19 Pandemic

An event manager may think that, because the physical presence is not necessary due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it will not be necessary to seek out MICE industry experts. This would not be a wise decision. The MICE industry is one of the industries that has suffered the most from the cancellation of flights and the quarantine. However, it is the workers in this industry who have the tools and knowledge to turn the situation around.

From now until the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, the MICE industry will develop mainly through online events. This does not necessarily mean less work because instead of taking care of air tickets and hosting, workers have now to take care of, for instance, quality internet connection servers. The work of the MICE industry is reinvented in the new normality and is still extremely necessary.