E-Health Platforms Increase Their Sales Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed people’s lifestyles, as well as their shopping needs. From one moment to the next, masks, gloves, and all kinds of medical products shot up their sales. But other big beneficiaries in the world of startups have been the E-Health platforms.

Until now, attending virtual medical consultations was not a possibility for millions of people. However, forced by the situation, people now turn to E-Health platforms to consult doctors or order medicines. Although it will never be able to replace physical medical consultations, E-Health has arrived with great success, which translates into profits for entrepreneurs. E-Health platforms are usually provided through small startups that partner with clinics, hospitals, or even local and regional governments.

Sales increase

These types of startups are present all over the world, and the increase in sales has been reflected in different latitudes. For example, in India, the remote medical consultation platform, Practo Technologies, saw a 600% increase in its consultation requests, which also means more profits.

Challenges Facing E-Health Startups

With such a sudden growth in the consumption of E-Health services, platforms must adapt at an extremely fast pace. In addition to having servers that can support new registrations, they must quickly hire new doctors, establish new alliances with companies or governments and also be attentive to the requirements and needs of new users. Maintaining service loyalty is key in this circumstance.

Also, the growth of this business will cause large companies to start investing or directly buying E-health startups. That is why maintaining solid businesses, with firm profits and wise decisions are indispensable to satisfy the new demand of users, and also, to maintain and increase profitability. The COVID-19 has been a blessing for E-health platforms, but the success of their businesses will depend on the wise decisions of their owners.